Sophie Hulme Collaborates With Liberty London

London born and bred accessories designer Sophie Hulme has launched her debut scarf collection at British luxury department store Liberty. Unveiled in-store and online on February 5, the line is an extension of the designer’s aesthetic and marks her first foray into printed scarves.

Designed in glorious silk, this collection, named “Charms,” sees Hulme draw on her own cheeky humour and sense of fun. Explaining her source of inspiration, which came from a very ’70s vibe, Hulme commented that “it’s a nice, tongue-in-cheek nod to those serious vintage scarves…with unexpected chip forks and bubble blower motifs.” Citing London spots, such as the Bermondsey antiques market and the archive at Angels Costumiers, as creative outlets for this range, each scarf features a certain everyday ‘charm,’ such as whistles and lollipop sticks, reinterpreted to explore our unique relationship to these seemingly mundane items. “The idea behind the charms has always been to look at everyday things you don’t necessarily value and then make them in gold so you look at them a different way,” explains Hulme. And the 6-piece collection is something that the designer hopes will add to people’s look and be treasured for years to come: “We’re not fashion-led in terms of seasons and trends, we’re much more about products that you can keep forever, use in your own way and build your own wardrobe,” she adds.

As a melting pot of cultures and timeless style, London has always held a special place for Sophie Hulme, who once dreamed of being able to display her designs in Liberty. “The Scarf Hall is one of the most amazing parts of the building, there’s nowhere else like it for scarves,” she told the department store. With a collection now exclusively stocked in one of the capital’s most decadent locales, Hulme is sure to continue her winning streak in the design world.

Shop the full Sophie Hulme collection at Liberty here.