Haute 100 L.A.: James Cameron Confirmed THREE Sequels to Avatar

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Whether you enjoyed or hated James Cameron’s number one grossing film of all time, Avatar, doesn’t matter. When a film grosses billions of dollars, studios are prepared to give the director all the time in the world to do whatever he or she wants for his/her next project. Or in this case, next three projects.

James Cameron confirmed THREE sequels to Avatar, and that Avatar’s cast has all confirmed their roles for Avatar 2. Cameron had to push back Avatar 2’s 2015 release date another year, but now it’s easy to see why. He is working on all three sequels simultaneously and is planning on releasing them one after the other.

Film snobs may wave their noses at Avatar, dubbing it something of a “glorified Pocahontas.” But stop being so pretentious! Cameron is creating interactive cinematic experiences, and we can’t wait to be sucked into the world of Pandora three more times!

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Ever the work horse, excitement is building in regards to Eva Langoria’s new sitcom “Telenovela.” The show is being created and produced by Langoria and spoofs the whacky worlds of Spanish television soap operas. We don’t know if you have ever watched any telenovelas but trust us, they are easy to spoof.

The show has found its lead in Jencarlos Canela who is best known as a singer and songwriter. The lead requires his ability to speak fluent in Spanish and English and Langoria is more than excited to have him aboard: “I am not just excited about Jencarlos, but to see the doors that his crossover into American television opens,” said Langoria.

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Clint Eastwood’s war biopic American Sniper has become the highest grossing January-released film of all time and the movie has racked up praise and criticism in equal measures. Detractors believe the film whitewashed its subject, sniper Chris Kyle, in its cinematic portrayal of him. Proponents argue that the film has shed light on the stark realities of PTSD. Some felt the film was a staggering achievement while others felt it was a pretty bland biopic. Whatever your thoughts on the film may be, the one aspect of the movie that everyone seems to agree on is that Bradley Cooper put on another dazzling performance; the movie forms something of a trifecta of back-to-back great work following his roles in the David O. Russell films American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook.

Cooper has publicly acknowledged the grueling work that went into the film and has even gone on as far as to say that playing Kyle changed his life. “The responsibility to play a human being when his family is still alive and it’s still fresh was a huge endeavor and something that I knew was going to be important. I treated it in way I hadn’t before,” he said. ”

Cooper put on a ton of weight for the role and not just strength. He consumed 5,000 calories a day to get Kyle’s husky frame. He also spent countless amounts of time with Kyle’s wife Taya, to gain perspective on the character.

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