Flying in a Private Jet Just Got Easier

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ClipperJet is a Los Angeles-based company that will bring private jet travel a little bit closer for thousands of travelers. Instead of passengers flying exclusively by themselves, they are joined by other high-end travelers who happen to be heading to the same destination.

ClipperJet, which will send out its first flights in April, will have one plane flying round-trip daily between Los Angeles and New York. The flights will use smaller corporate jet terminals to ease security delays, and be able to carry up to 14 passengers in first-class-style seats.

Adding to the ease of travel is the fact that ClipperJet will arrange for town car or luxury rentals for passengers as soon as they land.

ClipperJet memberships will be sold to individuals and corporations: Individual memberships will cost $9,700 monthly and include four one-way trips. Members can also get unlimited additional flights at no extra cost if open seats are available. A corporate membership will cost $14,700 monthly and include six one-way trips.