A Guide to Yachting by Impulsive Group’s Hank Freid

Hank Freid
Hank Freid

Yachting can be one of the most exhilarating and luxurious ways to take a vacation offering an entirely new way to look at the world. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when selecting the vessel you’re going to embark on your next excursion aboard of. CEO of Impulsive Group Hank Freid, hotelier, has the right know-how for first-time and seasoned yacht charterers alike. In addition to a collection of urban retreats, Hank owns Impulsive Charters, stemming from his first boat outing with friends that quickly turned into a desire to own several boats of his own and his personal hobby. With the purchase of his first boat in 1997, Hank’s collection grew bigger, including a 130-foot yacht, which he now charters to affluent boat lovers.
The Impulsive

  1. Get a good charter broker.
    Make sure you find a reputable charter broker to help make the best selection when choosing a yacht. “Not all brokers have visited the boats that they’re showing you, or they’re not knowledgeable of the crew or the track record of the yacht,” Hank warns. “Find one that has personal familiarity of the yachts they’re offering and works with the budget that you have set.”
  1. Choose a worthy crew.
    Much like the ships that sailed across the seas for months at a time, a yacht’s crew makes all the difference in both the quality and safety of a gran excursion on the water. “You can have the most beautiful boat in the world, but if you don’t have the right crew on it, it ruins your trip,” says Hank. “You want a crew that’s hospitable and nice but experienced aboard the boat as well.”
  1. Research your destinations.
    There are many places that a yacht can take you, including a number that are harder to get to than others. Plan out what stops you want to make in the region you’re yachting in to keep the trip streamlined, “So if you’re looking to go to the South of France, Cannes is nearby. Monaco is nearby,” Hank explains. “Knowing what is nearby and where you can go opens up the trip further.”


  1. Know the amenities.
    “Inquiring about the amenities that the yacht has to make sure it suits your lifestyle, since they vary depending on the size of the boat,” advises Hank. “A Jacuzzi on the fly bridge was something I knew I wanted when I was looking for my first boat.” From jet skis and water slides to a full-size bar and a personal gym, you can find a yacht with just about anything you could want for your trip, if you have the budget to accommodate it.
  1. Make sure the boat fits the trip’s needs.
    Different types of voyages require different types of atmospheres and provisions. “Whether you’re going on a couples getaway or a vacation with the kids, make sure the yacht you choose fits the trip,” Hank says. “You need to make sure what you’re getting works for who you’re traveling with and the kind of excursion you want to have. Don’t be afraid to be particular.”

Whether you’re roaming the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, yachting offers an exciting way to travel and explore. When done right, it’s an unparalleled luxury that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. “The important thing is to make sure you’re getting what you want,” Hank concludes. “If you plan ahead and pick the right boat, it’s a fantastic experience.

Hank Freid has been a driving force within New York City’s real estate community for over 30 years. As CEO and Founder of the Impulsive Group, a lifestyle hospitality company, this hotelier has built an impressive portfolio of stylish and intimate properties throughout Manhattan including, the sophisticated, four-star Ameritania Hotel located in the Broadway theater district; the Moroccan-themed Marrakech Hotel nestled in the Upper West Side; and his newest acquisition, The Sanctuary Hotel, also located in the Theater District. An international businessman, each of Freid’s hotels caters to a global audience offering a unique, cosmopolitan design and superior service and accommodations. In addition to a collection of urban retreats, the Impulsive Group owns Impulsive Charters, a pair of luxury yachts that cruise throughout the Mediterranean and Bahamas and Paramount Buildings, a renovation firm that specializes in residential remodeling and design.