Bloomberg: Vice’s CEO Wins Big In Vegas … And Then Spends It All

shane-smith-vicePhoto Credit: Newsweek

Vice Media Chief Operating Officer Shane Smith reportedly had a big night in Vegas last month winning upwards of $100,000 at Blackjack … before allegedly dropping $300,000 on an epic dinner at the Bellagio casino’s Prime Steakhouse.

Bloomberg reports that the Vegas events were revealed to them by an unidentified source who was corroborated when on an MGM Resorts International earnings call CFO Dan D’Arrigo stated that a group of unidentified guests during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) enjoyed a lavish $300K dinner.

Moreover, they cite these tweets by the late David Carr of the New York Times from around the same date range:

Sounds like a night to remember — though in the age of social media it’s very clear that the cliché: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” no longer holds true.Treat yo’ self Mr. Smith!