5 One-of-a-Kind Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s easy to give that special someone a boxed gift for Valentine’s Day, but the prezzies that really score points usually involve time more than money (although diamonds are good too). Here are a few Haute Living ideas that go way beyond the wallet.

Make Dinner (For a Month)
Making a luxe, romantic dinner is easy with incredibly sharp, well-balanced German steel.

The Gunter Wilhelm 11-piece Executive Chef set is ideal for anyone who loves to cook. It includes one honing steel, a 10-inch chef knife, butchers cleaver, a six-inch utility knife, Asian cleaver, paring knife, Santoku knife, offset bread, meat carver and meat fork.
The feel of the knives is what makes GW products stand out from other high-end steel. Perfectly designed and weighted, these knives make prep work for a big meal — usually a tiresome chore — a pleasure.

Make That Family Photo Gorgeous (And a Little Trippy)
Aluminyze.com allows anyone to upload any photo and have it printed onto aluminum. When done right, aluminum prints are much more vivid and detailed than paper prints, and often take on a 3-D quality.
Although printing photos on metals is a practice that has been around for a while in professional photographic circles, it was not readily available to the amateur or consumer. Aluminyze has made the process easy: Offering professional color correction and simple ordering.

Aluminyzed photos can be smooth as satin or glossy as glass. The photos can stand on desktops and counters with a built-in easel, or be hung with pre-attached brackets.

Give a Dash of Flair That Gives Back
Casana’s gorgeous scarves are not only silky soft and super versatile, they also hold amazing karma.
That’s because Casana’s designer and founder, Carrie Chen, employs artisans in Nepal to weave the collection in environmentally friendly facilities that adhere to strict ethical standards.

It was upon a visit to Nepal that the Casana collection was born. At the end of Chen’s trip, she was presented with a beautiful scarf “khatha,” a traditional Tibetan gift of appreciation. Inspired to share this gift, Chen set upon to create the Casana brand.

Chen believes strongly in giving back and as such donates 10 percent of all proceeds to support charities that aid the education of children.

Go on A Sweet Adventure Together 
The gift of time is truly special these days. And when that time is spent discovering new passions together, the gift becomes all the sweeter.

In NYC, locally owned company Sugartooth Tours is kicking off its popular “Sweeter than Sugar” Valentine’s Tour just in time for the big day. What better way to get in the V-Day spirit then with a fun and festive excursion of NYC’s greatest sweet treasures with your sweetheart?
On the tour, each group will enjoy six decadent stops. Guests will have a chance to explore the Chelsea Market before embarking on an adventure to discover how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the trendy meatpacking district. The tour will wind down in the West Village, where guests have the option of adding a wine or beer pairing with their final sweet treat for some extra one-on-one time with that special someone.

Make a Memory Come to Life
Our sense of smell is our first and most immediate link to the world around us: It reminds us of what (and who) we love, and is a direct link to many of our fondest memories.
Our ability to discern scent is perhaps the most complex sense we possess, and now Christopher Brosius from I Hate Perfume is here to make your memory come to life.

Expect a custom blended perfume that is the ultimate expression of individuality. Choosing exactly what ingredients you want in your perfume gives you a scent that smells like you and it is truly an invisible portrait of who you are. And you will have a scent like no other on earth.