New Cadillac Boutiques to Feature Holograms?


Cadillac plans to open about 700 high-technology boutique stores that focus on the General Motors luxury brand and offer a a higher level of service to customers.

The announcement was made at the Washington Auto Show by Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen, who said the move is designed to improve the buying experience so it matches or exceeds other luxury brands, like BMW and Mercedes.

De Nysschen told the AP that the strategy is part of his mission to “take this brand right back to the pinnacle of premium.”

“We both know that this is not the right thing for Cadillac,” he said. “But I also do not want to force upon you to build a large Taj Mahal mausoleum for the brand because it is not an investment that’s appropriate to the market size that you’re in.”

Instead, de Nysschen said he wants to work with dealers to set aside space for Cadillac with boutique showrooms that might hold only two cars.

The swank boutiques will feature computers that will allow shoppers to quickly configure several models, colors pallets and luxe options. There are also plans to show holograms of the finished product. to customers.