Haute 100 SF Update: Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Announces 50,000 New European Jobs

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No one can deny the impact that Uber has had on our cities. Has anyone else noticed that even yellow cabs are more respectful of clients since Uber hit the scene? Yellow cabs were able to exist for decades sans any sort of competition, and its service and drivers reflected that mentality; treat people as poorly as one can while still earning a 20 percent tip.

Uber’s services have resulted in monumental growth that shows no signs of slowing down: Uber founder Travis Kalanick announced plans to create 50,000 new jobs in Europe. But that doesn’t mean Kalanick hasn’t had to defend against criticism of the service’s safety practices: an Uber driver raped a woman in India last year.

Uber’s growth has been both positive and negative in varying aspects, but it is unquestionably changed the methods that we transport ourselves.

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