How Charlize Theron Got A $10M Raise With One Email

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As the dust settles on one of the largest scandals to ever hit Hollywood in the form of a suspected North Korean hack, Sony is already having to deal with the implications of leaked emails and controversial revelations — most immediately the unequal pay scale for male and female stars revealed in one note.

It seems the first actress to take a stand against the major discrepancy is Charlize Theron, who has now reportedly demanded that she be paid the same sum as her co-star, Chris Hemsworth, in the forthcoming Huntsman film, according to Page Six.

“Pay secrecy hurts women’s ability to negotiate fair pay … It shouldn’t take an email hack to bring such disparities to light, Katie McDonough noted for Salon.

No doubt this will change the landscape for female professionals in Hollywood and level the playing field a bit — bravo to Charlize for demanding her rightful pay.