HydraFacial is the Newest, Most Effective, and Least Invasive Spa Treatment Yet

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It’s always nice when the big, new, trendy thing is actually worth the hype. The new HydraFacial technique—a facial method that is both highly effective and minimally invasive—is indeed all that it is cracked up to be.

The HydraFacial yields immediate results and provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. The HydraFacial uses skin hydration as its pedigree; the ability to hydrate the skin separates the process from similar facial methods. It gives the customer simple results and requires absolutely no recover time. Amazingly, as dead skin cells and oil and dirt are literally suctioned from your face you won’t experience severe discomfort or be left wth an agonizing case of soreface. It is the quickest way out there ofhydrating and refreshing the skin It’s a complex process that feels simple.

The Langham Place Hotel Spa in New York (located at the Langham Place Hotel Spa) swears by the HydraFacial method and is a great place to get the treatment done. The atmosphere of the spa is perfectly relaxing and clean and its practitioners are incredibly experienced and personable. You walk in, sit down for a moment, and then you lay down and the practitioners gets down to business.

The experience itself is a little different but not at all unpleasent. In fact it is quite the opposite. Pleasurable, even. The usual new-agey music plays in the background while the practitioner applies the four-step process. The first step of the process is cleaning and one feels an immediately soothing tingle afterwards. Next comes the exfoliation and extraction. It utilizes a vaccum like machine that sucks out all the dead skin from your pores. Though it comes the closest to discomfort out of all the steps it still is surprisingly pleasent. Following that the skin is hydrated, giving you that long-lasting shine that one strivs for. When you get around to the application of the antioxidants you will already be feeling like a new person.

At the end of the process you will be givent the option to look within a vial containing all of the oil and grime that has been extracted from you skin. Though it can be revolting to look at, one can be reassured at the fact that all that dirt and grime is no longer in your face. Knowing that that insidious goo collects in your pores and HydraFacial swiftly and comfortably removes, you’ll probably already be back at the Spa counter making your next appointment.