Empowered by You Cocktail at SCOOP NYC


Empowered by You panties at SCOOP NYC
Empowered by You panties at SCOOP NYC

Hostesses Gigi Ganatra, Jillian Jacobson and Hadley Henriette hosted a cocktail party at Scoop NYC in the Shore Club Hotel for Renata Black’s Empowered by YOU. Empowered by YOU is a seamless panty brand is carried by the fashionable boutique which boasts 18 stores in hotspots around the country.

The barely-there panties may disappear under clothes, but they have a big effect in the real world, as the sale of each one benefits the Seven Bar Foundation, Black’s foundation supporting micro finance for women in third world countries. “It’s a great cause, but most people just buy the panties because they love how they feel and the fact they are practically invisible under clothes,” says Black, who started the line a little more than a year ago.

The panties, in fact, are an easy sell as they are a quintessential foundation piece in any woman’s wardrobe, and at $24, definitely won’t break the bank.