Moye Brings a Taste of True Italy to Brickell Avenue

Moye Interior 3Coming to Miami from Italy’s regional Puglia — a coastal area bordering the Adriatic Sea in southern Italy, synonymous with the birthplace of burrata — Moye brings authentic, upscale Apulian cuisine to Miami’s Brickell Avenue. The brainchild of restaurant moguls Tony Gallo and Chef Pietro Vardeu, the force behind Sunset Harbour’s popular Italian eatery, Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante, this location is the first of its kind in all of the US, with two others already delighting guests in Florence and Milan.

Perfect for the upwardly mobile crowd of Brickell’s financial district, Moye’s setting is as modern as its diners; housing a sleek, open kitchen design, bathed in white, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and mozzarella-shaped lamps that keep the ambiance imaginative. Adding to its cheery atmosphere are walls lined with tall shelves of Puglia-inspired products and Apulian wines, all available for purchase and all in place to give you the feeling that local Italy is just around the corner.

Moye Interior 4

While Miami is already populated with a range of Italian restaurants and eateries, what distinguishes Moye from most is its true mantra of authenticity. Serving handcrafted and seasonal menus of classic Italian fare, Moye’s chefs, which come direct from Italy, invite you to try house favorite appetizers like Polpo, pan seared octopus sautéed with a fava bean pureé ($14); Bruschettone, bruschetta with capocollo, artichokes and mozzarella ($10); and boards of savory meats and cheeses, like Tagliare di formaggi: which pairs cacioricotta, pecorino, caciocavallo, scamorza, with a spicy homemade jam ($16). Staying true to the heart of its geographical origins, Moye also gives cheese connoisseurs an opportunity to indulge in its signature Burrata Moye, homemade mozzarella burrata topped with an interesting fusion of white anchovies and oranges ($14) — and that’s only appetizers.

When you’re still craving more — and trust us, you will be — pair your glass of the finest wine with a mouthwatering menu of classic Apulian cuisine like Carpaccio di salmone with fennel, orange and radish ($12); Branzino baked with zucchini and potatoes ($26); and traditional meat plates like Bombette, stuffed veal rolls with vegetables and baked potatoes ($24). Finish your night with a heavenly Spocamuss, a puff pastry with Nutella and custard cream ($8), and complete a full Italian feast unlike any outside of Western Europe.

More than anything, when you dine at Moye, you don’t just get a meal; you get an experience. Pairing his classic dishes with traditional Italian ideals of service and hospitality, Chef Pietro invites you to relax, indulge and enjoy the perfect combination of feasting and friendship. Why? Because, when in Puglia, you wouldn’t find it any other way.

Moye is located at 829 SW 1st Avenue.