Fall Fashion by Vogue Mexico EIC Kelly Talamas

It’s officially sweater weather in Miami, and that means that the city’s style set have broken out their fur, leather and layers; even if on most days it’s still 80-plus degrees outside. Fall dressing in Miami may sound like an oxymoron, but stepping out well-heeled and on-trend during the season is not as farfetched as you may think. And who better to teach us a thing or two about embracing cold weather garb than Vogue Mexico and Latin America’s Editor in Chief, Kelly Talamas. Here, the ever-stylish Miami native gives us a 101 on embracing fall trends, explains the keys to investment shopping and selects her top fall must-haves.

Embracing fall trends in Miami by Kelly Talamas:

This takes a keen eye. In my personal experience, the key is in taking tips from what’s on the runway, but in pieces that work for the warmer weather, and nixing a piece or two from the full look. For example, applying the skirt with boots idea sans the tights, or the motocycle jacket with a lighter t-shirt under instead of a sweater. A lot of people are afraid to try leather, but it’s become an all-weather trend. When I’m in Miami, I opt for leather in small doses, such as in shorts or a mini skirt. I recently purchased a button down leather blouse at Maje which pairs well with jeans and suede pumps or boots. For warmer days, try taking a trend such as this season’s fringe or plaid, and try on silk shirts or accessories.

While we may not have the cold weather, we do have the A/C,  so my leather jacket or blazer are indispensable. For cooler days, a classic trench is also a good option. When analyzed closely, luckily for Miamians, staying on trend during the fall requires little effort and just a few select investment pieces. Of course, layering with lighter pieces is always more fun when your ultimate goal is looking chic and not so much protecting yourself from the freezing cold.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Germán Nájera