Heidi Klum’s Top 10 Halloween Costumes

When it comes to costumes, it’s no secret that Heidi Klum continues to reign as the “Queen of Halloween.” Her transformations each year are testament to her wild creativity, fearless commitment to costume and the obvious fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. When she comes up with an idea, the Project Runway host seriously commits.

In the past, Klum has explained that her over-the-top getups are very well thought out; each year, she enlists the help of designers and several members of her team to dream up, and build, the most outrageous costume ever made. And each year, she has to top the last.

While we wait in anticipation for this year’s costume, we reflect back on the best we’ve seen from the crowned Queen in years past. From Lady Godiva to Betty Boop and even a fiercely convincing elderly woman, here are Klum’s top ten ensembles. All hail the Queen.