Guana Island Is Quite Possibly The Best Caribbean Island

best Caribbean Island
Guana Island—the British Virgin Islands’ best-kept secret—is just a few minutes away from Tortola and is incredibly easy to get to.

“Imagine the Caribbean before it went public,” is the first thing you read when you visit Guana’s website. And it certainly couldn’t be more accurate.

Luxury travel means different things to different people. Some want to be waited on hand and foot, while others prefer to be left alone—unless otherwise requested. And Guana is for the latter. The island offers the kind of understated luxury that relieves you from the intense (and almost invasive) attention of resort staffers who check in every five minutes or less.

And in the age of 24/7 concierges, personal butlers, and never-ending distractions, this 850-acre island just 10 minutes away from Tortola is a dream come true for travelers looking to unwind and disconnect. All this to say, it’s pretty much the best Caribbean island I’ve ever been to.

First developed in the 1930s, Guana was purchased in 1975 by philanthropist Dr. Jarecki and his wife, Gloria. And they had every intention to preserve the island’s rustic features and not “overdo” things. Thirty-nine years later, the resort is still as beautiful as when they found it—just with a couple more rooms and villas that accommodate no more than 32 guests at a time.

Outfitted with accommodations fit for royalty (and A-list celebs) Guana creates a vibe of luxury without being overly precious. Case in point: the “honor bar” lets guests pour and mix their own drinks—tallying their consumption on a clipboard on the counter. Beyond that, it’s devoid of the trappings and spectacle that typically come with over-the-top resorts. There are no absurd 24k gold facials, snow rooms, or caviar treatments. Instead, Guana offers something that’s a little harder to come by, especially for those of us who live in Alpha cities like New York and London: tranquility and splendid views from every vantage point. (The island even has Adirondack chairs peppered throughout the premises so that guests needn’t stand while taking in the scenery.)

As far as activities go, there are a number of water sports to choose from. And if snorkeling, sailing, or sea kayaking isn’t your thing, you could always go for a hike in one of the island’s trails (all in all, there are 12 miles of it). But if any sort of physical activity fails to excite you, just pamper yourself with a massage and visit Guana’s orchard, where one of the gardeners can cut down some fresh fruit for you—and the resident donkey, should you be so inclined to visit (and feed) the animals.

So if you’re considering one last (quiet) hurrah before summer ends—or a fall getaway—Guana Island is the place to be.

Rates start at $700/night for the sea view cottages, while villas start at $1,535/night. To make reservations, click here or email