10 Surefire Ways to Get into LIV Nightclub

You may have heard that LIV is the most popular nightclub in the United States. Conceived by MMG Nightlife, LIV nightclub is a 18,000 square foot of sensory experience of light, sound and celebration. It’s also the hardest to get into. Makes sense right? After all, it’s models, bottles and Miami’s prettiest people along with celebs of every level. So, how do you get in? Leave that to us.

LIV Miami
LIV Miami

1. Be a FOD (Friend of Dave).

Knowing someone in the LIV organization is the best way to get in, let’s be honest. Being friends with MMG kingpin Dave Grutman is the quickest way to get in. He’s not going to leave his friends hanging at the door with the rest of the proletariat, is he? We’ll get to the wolfpack later.

Dave Grutman
Dave Grutman doing what he does best

2. Look Hot

Girls should be coiffed and dressed to kill. The outfit need to pass muster, so if you find yourself lacking, you might just want to stop in Ida & Harry’s for some new designer duds. In general, the bigger the night, the better the look, so you better bring your A-game when greats like Marco Carola, Calvin Harris, Cedric Gervais, or Erick Morillo are in the house.

If you want to get in, you better play the part and wear something that exudes confidence. Wanna ramp up the sexy factor? Play gay. Club owners would love nothing more than a club filled with hot, female bisexuals.



3. Go with the DJ


You’ll have to know them from somewhere else, but still, it’s a really good way. And you won’t even need a table, just hang in the DJ booth.

4. Go with a Wolf

Grutman’s worlfpack includes Jedi Biz Martinez, Joe Lahound, Mo Garcia, Purple, and Lyndon Smith. If you know one of these guys, you should be golden. There is a long list of promotors and “model hosts,” which includes Burton Wilkins, Mike Aaron, Lucciano Grzeszczak, Resse Stona, Haley Dias, Cristiano Roma. They often host pretty ladies for dinner at one of F’bleau’s famous restos before game time, so if you can score one of these invites, that would be perfect: dinner and a show.

Purple, DJ Martin Garrix and Biz Martinez
Purple, DJ Martin Garrix and Biz Martinez

5. Buy Bottles

Dom Perignon at LIV

HIgh rollers are always remembered, especially if they’re reserved a table and a few bottles for the night.  Click here to reserve. 


6. Get there at the right time.


The early bird does not always catch the worm in this case. Arriving early is key, but not too early, you don’t want to be standing out there for hours. But, if you get there too late and you’re at the back of a line that snakes out the door of the hotel… good luck. 11:30 p.m. is the perfect time to arrive.


7. Location, location, location

The Cluster

One you’re inside see if you can make your way into The “Cluster”. This is the section where the models and the celebrities sit and enjoy themselves while being watched and photographed. If you can get in here, you’re more likely to meet people that will make it easier to get in next time. (See #1, #3)


8. Mix it up

Nicky Romero celebrating Biz's birthday
Nicky Romero celebrating Biz’s birthday

Once you’re inside, don’t just sit with your friends the whole night, mix it up. Walk around, socialize, and mingle with new people. You might be able to meet one of the gents from #3 too, which will make getting in next time just that much easier. Hot tip: don’t mix it up too much. If someone is acting like an ass, steer clear. You don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons and make it harder to get in next time. In nightlife much like in high school, you can be cool, or totally uncool, by association.


9. Buy a ticket.

Luciano during Art Basel
Luciano during Art Basel

If all else fails, buy a ticket online and be patient at the door until they let you in.


10. Don’t bother

The line is super long, and they are being pains at the door? Forget about it! It’s just a club, and there is a party at every turn in Miami Beach. Just go have a late night dinner at Mina 74 and make out in Bleau Bar.



Written with insider tips by Aitana Cardoso and photos by World Red Eye