7 Decadent Summer Desserts to Beat the Heat

While most summer diets consist of lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables (in raw and juice form), sometimes the temptation to indulge is too powerful. Thankfully, there are desserts for every season, palette and occasion—and New York has no shortage of sugary treats. Haute Living has carefully selected seven eateries with signature decadent desserts to beat the scorching summer heat (and hit the spot, too!).

Serendipity’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate
225 East 60th Street
(212) 838-3531


Photo Credit: Guest of a Guest

The iconic restaurant’s signature dessert, the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, is definitely all that it’s cracked up to be. Serendipity takes a regular chocolate milkshake and kicks it up ten notches with lots of ice, decadent whipped cream and tasty chocolate shavings. But the indulgence doesn’t have to end at the charming and unique tables—Serendipity sells the mix, too!

il laboratorio del gelato’s Ruffino Prosecco Sorbetto with Clementine
188 Ludlow Street
(212) 343-9922


Photo Credit: Gastronomista

There are few combinations as heavenly as booze and dessert, which is why il laboratorio del gelato’s collaboration with Ruffino Prosecco is straight from the gods. Refresh and relax from the summer sun with this seasonal clementine sorbet that boasts an undertone of sparkling white wine. If a cup’s worth isn’t enough, take home a 20 oz. container from the Lower East Side storefront.

Café Cluny’s Caramelized Banana Trifle
284 West 12th Street
(212) 255-6900


Photo Credit: Cakeworthy

You’ll go bananas for this scrumptious (and definitely decadent) caramelized banana trifle, complete with vanilla wafer pudding. Thankfully, it’s served in a single-size portion so you don’t have to worry about sharing. It’s no wonder this West Village favorite attracts fans from all over Manhattan.

75 East 4th Street
(917) 475-1812


Photo Credit: Brokelyn

It’s hard to choose from 120 unique and addictive ice cream flavors, so we’ll let you pick your favorite creation at Oddfellows Ice Creamery—but have no fear, you’re in good hands. Made without hormones or artificial additives, this ice cream screams homemade and goes to a good cause, too. Oddfellows donates five cents to the Food Bank for NYC with every serving of ice cream.

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cereal Milk Soft Serve
251 East 13th Street
(347) 577-9504


Photo Credit: Joy Ride Coffee Distributors

Head over to the iconic Momofuku Milk Bar for its renowned cereal milk soft serve. Curious about what “cereal milk soft serve” means? For starters, cereal milk is milk that has been steeped with toasted cornflakes and brown sugar—then it’s converted to traditional soft serve and topped with crunchy cornflakes. Basically, milk and cereal meets froyo.

Frozen Peaks Pops
154 Bleecker Street
(646) 524-5244


Photo Credit: Frozen Pops

Take a trip back to your childhood with an FP Pop, a froyo popsicle, from Frozen Peaks. Start off by choosing from 24 froyo flavors and then browse the selection of six coatings and eight toppings.

Treathouse Rice Krispie Treats
452 Amsterdam Avenue
(212) 799-7779


Photo Credit: Biz Bash

Calling all Rice Krispie fans! Treat House serves up 32 different flavors—from Apricot Hamantash to M&M’s—for every preference and occasion. Browse through their pops, ice cream bars, breakfast bars and marshmallows while you’re there, too!