What’s On My Desk: La Lacquerie Founder Susan Aflak


Susan Aflak is the founder of La Lacquerie mobile nail salon. The former investment banker launched La Lacquerie around a simple concept: Let the salon come to you. It is a self-contained mobile nail salon, mainly offering offer manicures and pedicures, catering to busy professionals who don’t always have time to leave work at a reasonable time to tend to these personal needs.

Most clients are professional women who work full time and a lot of them have families. So this service has simplified at least one thing in their busy lives.  In fact, in just a couple of months since their launch, Google, Facebook, Gap, Electronic Arts, and Youtube, Old Navy and Gap are all using the mobile salon as a perk for their employees.

Susan says, “Back in my banking days, my desk is where I got the inspiration for my salon. I would spend all day looking at my nails and I hated if they weren’t manicured.  Today, my life is so on-the-go that I don’t spend nearly as much time at my desk but it allows me to keep it much more neat!”

Let’s take a look at what she keeps nearby to get those perfect manis and pedis done.

Susan Aflak Desk (2)

–       Flowers – I love flowers and my garden has the best roses. The color is actually what inspired our signature pink trailer!

–       Nail polishes with our signature bow – As mentioned, I used to spend a lot of time at my desk, staring at my nails. I have become a master of typing without smudging my nail polish so I love trying out new nail polish colors at my desk. I am obsessed with bows! Every polish that comes through my desk gets a handmade bow!

–       Solar Oil – Good nail care starts with healthy cuticles. My favorite skin and nail products are by CND (Creative Nail Design).  I keep their Solar Oil product in my purse, at my desk, even by my bed

–       MacBook Air and iMac – It is so nice having the big iMac screen when I am at my desk but I love my MacBook and can’t live without it. It is light, portable and efficient. It is a perfect fit for my crazy life and I couldn’t live without it!

–       Rings – I have a hard time typing while wearing jewelry and I always take my rings off before I polish my nails so there is always a stack of jewelry sitting on my desk. That is part of the reason why I love nail polish, it allows me to accessorize without slowing down my work.

–       Family photo – I don’t get to see my family as much as I used to, so seeing a picture of my nieces always makes me happy. I love seeing their smiling faces.

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