Re-Defining Design: Internum & Design


Contemporary high-end furniture has a new name: Internum. Created in 2010, Internum & Design has become the one-stop shop in Miami, Dallas and Huston. The reason being they carry the 13 most recognized luxury Italian furniture brands in the world: Acerbis, Antonello Italia, Arketipo, Baxter, Casamilano, Cappellini, Emmebi, Flexform, Gervasoni, Giorgio Collection, Kenzo Maison, Minotti and Poltrona Frau.

Miami’s chic, two story, sun-filled showroom seamlessly presents the brands in styles ranging from low-set furniture with light accents, to dark leather sofas encompassed by heavy woods, and everything in between. Each of the “rooms” contains art and accents that make envisioning the space in your home effortless.



Each line uses the highest quality leather with the best tanneries, wood and craftsmen, the reason they are some of the best in the global furniture industry. One of these esteemed lines is Baxter, a brand that conveys drama and beauty with each of its designer pieces. Their furniture is made and designed in Italy and is both intimate and cozy while maintaining a high level of elegance and sophistication. This union is sanctioned by a vast array of colors, material and design that couches, chairs and ottomans can be ordered in. Baxter’s current collection, dubbed “The 1950’s”, is influenced by the period’s enthusiasm that led design to experiment with forms, colors and materials, Baxter developed a new understanding of contemporary design. Their markedly evocative 1950’s undertone blends hints of the past into a contemporary modern setting to create an eclectic feel characterized by opaque, soft and comfortable tones that combine elegant lines with functional requirements.

The experienced and multifaceted staff at Internum & Design caters to every taste and thinks outside of the box to develop unique ideas and create a space that is distinctly your own. Their passion for the products and incredible selection of furniture sets them apart from the rest of Miami’s furniture and design scene. Whether working with an architect, a designer or on your own behalf, it will be an exquisite shopping experience.
3841 NE 2nd Ave. Suite 101 Miami, FL 33137