Father’s Day Foodie Edition: The Perfectly Personalized Gift

Every dad is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all gift for Father’s Day—your present could be tailored to an outdoorsy dad, a fashion-forward dad, an eco-friendly dad, you name it. But luckily enough, there is one common denominator for men everywhere: food. So if you want to win the way to your father’s heart, check out www.mouth.com for personalized gift baskets that feature local gourmet eateries. Haute Living has crafted the consummate foodie (and foolproof) gift basket for New York dads, but feel free to experiment and make your own! (Hint: They even have a Father’s Day section!)

 Bacon Caramel Popcorn

Roni-Sue BaCorn

If we didn’t already convince you with “bacon caramel popcorn,” let’s say that Mario Batali included this tasty snack as a ‘Food 50’ choice ($8).

Cookies Every Night 


No matter his age, dad’s still a kid-at-heart. Spoil him with a subscription to this large variety of delicious cookies that can come for 3-12 months ($180-720). Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Cold Brew Coffee

Gradys With Mug

Put a pep in his step every morning with this famous Brooklyn favorite: Grady’s iced coffee ($15). Now that it’s getting warm outside, this New Orleans-style cold brew will be the perfect drink to wake up to.

Beer Salami

Charlito Beer Salami

There’s no way he won’t love this carefully cured, brown ale-infused sausage from Charlito’s ($18). Pair it with his favorite cheese or slip it into his favorite sandwich.

Mini Kinderhook Creek Cheese

Old Chatham Kinderhook Creek

Not to be cheesy, but this sheep’s milk creation from the Hudson Valley is reinventing the wheel ($14.50). Dad can spread this delectable delight onto savory crackers and pair it with his favorite wine for a relaxing night after a long day at work (or for a dinner party).

Flavor-infused Mayonnaise

Empire Mayo

Count on this creative spin on a classic condiment for a fun gift that’ll surprise any dad ($8). Empire’s bacon mayo goes perfectly with everything, so you can’t go wrong.