Marz Global Launches Memorigin Timepieces in Dubai

Memorigin, the first Hong Kong luxury watch brand, has officially in the Middle East by luxury distributor Marz Global. The brand exclusively designs and produces men’s and women’s tourbillon timepieces.

Starlight Legend Imperial_1


The brand launched at the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm Jumeirah where it showcased its Starlight Legend series and Starlight Legend Imperial series. The former is inspired by the night sky, with its rotating parts designed to mimic the appearance of meteor from a distance. With black as a predominant design element, the series represents mystery, dynamism and elegance. The latter has a design theme centred on royalty and nobility, and is based on ancient European palace architecture and crown design.

Navigator series brown

“The brand’s exquisite woodcarving design that mixes Oriental and Western cultures creates a unique elegance that we are glad to share with avid luxury timepiece collectors in the Middle East,” explains Khalid Almarzooqi, founder of Marz Global.

Also part of the exhibit are Memorigin’s Traveler series, Legend series, Navigator series, Zeus series and Auspicious series, tourbillon watches that merge the styles of Chinese sculpture and European artistry at different levels.

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