What’s On My Desk: Christofle CEO Thierry Oriez


Ever wonder what the most powerful leaders, business execs and celebrities keep on their desks? Well, we’re about to tell you. Our biweekly “What’s on My Desk” feature will take a look inside the offices and at the desks of the world’s most influential power players.

This week we’ve featured Thierry Oriez, the CEO of fine silver flatware and home accessories company Christofle that has been based in France since 1830. Oriez began his career in the food industry, first at Nestlé, then from 1989-1994 at Lesieur Alimentaire, a subsidiary of Eridania Beghin-Say. In 1995 he joined Baccarat as Deputy General Manager where he was responsible for product design, marketing and communications as well as the company’s sales networks and subsidiaries. His strategies saw the company diversify and, together with the opening of the new Paris head offices at 11 Place des Etats-Unis designed by Philippe Starck, breathed new life into Baccarat’s overall brand image. He took up his position as CEO of Christofle in January 2007. His two main challenges were to expand the brand market sector and to carry forward the group’s reorganization. To achieve this Thierry Oriez has refocused the company on its craftsmanship, engaging fresh, innovative designers for its various silver and silverware items, whilst working at the same time to expand the company’s name and image internationally. Today, Christofle’s elegant silver creations are in a class of their own. Here is a look at the item’s on Thierry’s desk:
1/ The Tangle. A close friend offered to me this toy which I consider as an art piece and which I love. This movable sculpture with a twistable energy enables a free flow of creativity from one’s mind. It has no beginning and no end – just continuous motion….as beautiful and inspiring to look at as relaxing to play with ! It is so strong that I am dreaming about how it would look manufactured in silver…
2 and 3 / The combination between my ipad and my Hermès black leather notebook/Christofle silver pen : each tool serves a different purpose and both never leave me during the day – they live together in harmony. As powerful as technology is today, I still need to hand write every significant detail of my day reporting about its numerous meetings and appointments.
4/ An original drawing from artists Mrzyk & Moriceau. They created for Christofle this unique drawing which we reproduced and engraved on a limited series of trays for the opening of our flagship store in New York on Madison in 2012. This drawing tells about the relationship and encounter between France and the USA, the French silversmith and New York…it’s all about friendship and love, feelings our brand definitely conveys.
5/ A Christofle silver piece designed by one of my favorite designers, Martin Szekely. This small “ball” is a geometrical sculpture, pure and sober, just perfect. It gives all power to the mirror effect of the material silver, shiny yet very calm. Naturally, I have several silver objects on my desk. I am keen on abstract, graphic and meaningful designs.

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