Two Haute Hair Salons in Miami, Giving you that Perfect ‘DO’

Every woman  needs a great hair ‘do’ for her events, or for those Haute luncheons-dinners! All day, every day! I have found two incredible stylists, both located on Miami Beach in tres elegant salons that I needed to share with you. With my schedule of endless social obligations and looks-per-mood, these two creative genius’ need to be shared with my Haute readers.


Danny Jelaca Salon

When I have that 1960’s St. Tropei bee-hive look needed, or that braid of sleekness, Eduardo Bravo is my solution. How about the perfect beach wave? Oh, did i mention that Hadley Henriette , Editor of Haute Living Magazine is also a huge fan.

Eduardo Bravo



hair with EB
With Eduardo and the wrap around braid.
hair EB st trop
I asked for 1960’s St. Tropei, and I got it!
hadley 2
Hadley Henriette’s Hair by Eduardo, WOW!




Femme Coiffure at the Ritz Carlton, Miami Beach


Mark Williamson has been doing incredible, creative work on my hair for years. The salon’s amazing owners Alyssa and Raphael Reboh insisted I try him. He is a innovative genius. If you want anything from a clean look to a serious style for a themed party, he is superb. (below, he pinned up my long hair for a 1930’s fete on Fisher Island).

headshot MW
Mark Williamson



MW hair pin up
At the time, my hair was 10 inches longer. Mark pinned it up, using an old fashioned technique to attain the perfect ‘flapper’ look.