Taylor Swift Earns Top Spot of Billboard’s 2014 Money Makers List


Taylor Swift may have had her heart broken time and time again, but the 24-year-old country cutie is the one having the last laugh. According to a new ranking by Billboard, the singer is currently ranked number one on the Top 40 Money Makers list, raking in a cool $39,699,575.60 in 2013.

A substantial portion of Swift’s yearly income came from her highly successful Red Tour, album sales and various sponsorships. No stranger to financial success, Swift was also named the highest paid singer in 2012, thanks largely in part to her lucrative Fearless tour.

Fellow country star Kenny Chesney came in at number two with $32,956,240 worth of earnings, followed by Justin Timberlake with $31,463,297. Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones and Beyonce rounded out the top six, earning $29,436,801, $26,225,121 and $24,429,176, respectively.