Miami Children’s Museum Gala Lives Up To It’s Reputation: FUN

On Saturday evening, if you happened to see people in 1970’s attire running around town, it was for one purpose only: The Miami Children’s Museum had their annual Gala. Considered to be one of the most “fun” gala’s in town, its purpose is just as amazing as the evening. Everyone ‘got down’ to Earth Wind and Fire and Donna Summer galore as the amazing Boogie Knights band made the crowd feel as if they were in a real life boogie wonderland.

Miami Children’s Museum ensures that world-class educational programming is accessible to ALL children in our community. Major influencers took part in the festivities, including Jeff and Yolanda Berkowitz, hysterical op-ed columnist Dave Barry, Carolyn Travis Brian Ehrlich, Erika Koopman, Chris Weinberg, Alexis Cooper, Zach Mann, Amber Toback, Martin Rozenblum and Aaron Glickman.

Sponsored by the Collection, a lucky patron of Miami Children’s Museum bid on a 36-month lease to the new Jaguar F-series. We LOVE the Collection’s generosity to a multitude of non-profits in our community.