Mary-Kate Olsen Receives $81,000 Cartier Vintage Engagement Ring from Olivier Sarkozy


We all knew that when Mary-Kate Olsen got engaged, she wouldn’t be the type to sport a simple Tiffany solitaire or the ever-so-popular intricate halo setting. We knew it would be something unique, unconventional, and of course, high fashion. When the 27-year-old fashion designer and actress stepped out with a mega sparker on that finger last week, our suspicions were confirmed.

To find the perfect ring that would truly capture MK’s one-of-a-kind taste, her longtime boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy decided to bypass traditional brick and mortar retailers and buy his lady love a $81,000 vintage Cartier ring during a recent Sotheby’s auction.

According to StylerCaster, Sarkozy purchased the 1953 European-cut ring, which features a four-carat diamond and 16 sapphires, during a Feb. 6 auction held in NYC.

Images courtesy Sotheby’s and via StyleCaster