Haute Spa: A Retreat at Ti Sana

In need of some inspiration to reignite her New Years resolutions, Annabel Treon visits the Ti Sana Detox Retreat and Spa, just outside of Milan, to learn more about the “Healtheatarian” philosophy that they advocate.


Nestled in a small Italian village just outside of Milan and set against the beautiful backdrop of the Alps, Ti Sana is housed in a charming old brick development that dates back to 1711. The property was refurbished to the highest standard by the D’Angelo family, who initially intended to operate it as a hotel but whose daughter Erica currently runs the center as a detox retreat and spa.

On my arrival, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who handed me an itinerary and took me through an information pack that highlighted the “Healtheatarian” philosophy and some of the treatments that are on offer. Unlike many detox retreats, Ti Sana’s approach is gentle and educational rather than the intensive cleansing that other resorts offer; there are no daily enemas, no compulsory wheatgrass shots, no pills or invasive therapies. Instead there are biomedical tests with detailed explanations and suggested long-term remedies, daily talks, holistic treatments at a luxury spa and a choice of either juicing or a detox menu.


I was directed across the cobbled patio from reception, to my room, with its stone walls and exposed beams combined with contemporary, luxurious furnishings and all the amenities of a boutique hotel.

Most mornings of the retreat began with a brisk one hour “nordic” walk by the peaceful River Adda. Following the walk was the first of the four juices that we were given throughout the day; I had opted to begin with the juice fast for my first two days and the menu included a plethora of suprisingly delicious combinations such as celery, bell pepper, apple and fennel. The days were spent amidst various activities from daily fitness classes such as Tai Chi and hypotrophy exercise to massages and biomedical tests.

During the talks, we learned more about the “Healtheatarian” philosophy. “We travelled to many places that do healing and attended lectures and congresses on nutrition and longevity, all around the world, before coming up with our own protocol”, says Mr. D’Angelo, Erica’s father and a highly successful businessman who has benefited greatly from introducing the “Healtheatarian-ism” into his fast-paced lifestyle.

Ti Sana 2

The “Healtheatarian” philosophy is about respecting our bodies and becoming more sensitive to listening to the signals our body gives us. “More and more people are realizing that “eating” has become a sacred communion that gives life to our spirit and health to our body,” adds Mr. D’Angelo. “The time has come for people to feed their body and mind with living foods that grow in living earth and that respect the planet and its creatures. The time has come for people to regain consciousness of their state of health through a light, ethic and sustainable nutriments.” They advocate a predominantly vegan, sugar-free diet with considerations to the delicate balances that the body works hard to maintain; the right pH, the right levels of minerals and the right nutrition. The food menu that they offer is an excellent example of this, featuring tasty treats such as ground raw cauliflower, elegantly (and convincingly!) disguised as cous cous and long thin strands of zucchini for spaghetti.

The Ti Sana resort also boasts an award winning spa with an indulgent hydrotherapy area that features saline baths and sensory showers with a luxurious finish. The products used in the massages and treatments are all natural and tailored to the body’s needs to support the detoxification process.

At the end of my four day program, I felt refreshed and energised and very relaxed, but more importantly, I felt empowered with an all-encompassing understanding of how my body works. From health, nutrition, exercise and biometrics, I now had the knowledge to enable me to live my life in a more holistic, balanced way.

Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa is located on Via Fontana, 5 in Arlete, Italy. Tel: +39 0399920979 www.tisanadetoxretreat.com