Haute Auto of the Week: Tesla Model S Project California


Eco-consciousness and high style combine in the deluxe customized Project California from Tesla. The fully-loaded electric vehicle’s $205,820 price tag warrants the title of world’s most expensive Tesla Model S.


The original top-spec Tesla Model S will run you $123,700, but an exhaustive list of bespoke features upgrade this EV to another level entirely. The Project California’s exterior boasts a glossy 3M body wrap, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, a custom paint job for $6,000 and 21-inch limited-edition GhostGold-forged alloy wheels for $7,500. The car’s interior features luxe made-to-order leather upholstery for $25,000, an upgraded audio system for $9,500, painted seat backs, an Alcantara steering wheel and a rear seat iPad entertainment hub. Floor mats and headrests emblazoned with the Tesla logo add another $1,000 and $1,250 respectively. Finally, a ticket avoidance system- perhaps much-needed in an attention-grabbing car like this- costs $2,200.


For even further personalization, Tesla tuner T Sportline gives EV connoisseurs the option to configure their own Model S on their website.