HAUTE 100 UPDATE: Dezer Family Selling James Bond Car Collection

hames bond

James Bond fans everywhere are getting some great news. Real estate mogul and avid car collector Michael Dezer is selling his entire collection of James Bond automobiles. Dezer bought the collection from a James Bond museum in 2011 and accumulated even more over the years.

Ranging from the 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 to the 1995 Russian T-55 tank, everything must go. Dezer will not sell the collection separately, so for $33 million, the entire 59 car fleet could be yours. The collection includes six Aston Martins, two BMW sports cars, two BMW motorbikes, two Fords, four Land Rovers and many more and is considered the largest Bond car collection in the world. The cars can be viewed at the Dezer Museum in North Miami, along with his extensive collection of vehicles from other well known movies including the 1981 Delorean “Time Machine” from Back to the Future and Sunny Crockett’s Ferrari in Miami Vice.