Beach House 8 Partners With Luxury Attaché


Valerio Morabito and Ugo Colombo’s Beach House 8, a new development featuring eight luxury beach homes in the sky, has just signed up with Luxury Attaché. The high-end concierge service will provide future residents with an array of services that run the gamut from getting hard-to-score reservations at the hottest restaurants, to packing and moving services.

The deal with Luxury Attaché is just one more way the boutique building will offer their residents the best of everything. This is a level Miami customers have come to expect from Ugo Colombo, who has teamed up with Arquitectonica Principal Architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia. The project aims to bring owners the best of everything with Boffi kitchens, smart-home technology and top grade everything. The building’s narrow footprint is perfect for the one residence per floor concept. Each space is 3,700 square feet and will bring the outdoors in with huge balconies and wall-to-wall windows, feeling more like a home than a condominium. The ocean front location is perfect too, on Collins and 31st, an up and coming neighborhood poised to be the next big thing in Miami luxury.

The developers have cleared the lot and are ready to break ground on this exciting project.