Artist Logan Hicks To Display Nautical Art at New NYC Exhibit


Pat Magnarella, a highly respected music manager, founded PMM Art Project along with Roger Klein, a former executive at the record label Artists & Repertoire, to help and support young emerging contemporary artists. They do not claim to be their agent, their gallerist or their art dealer. Instead, PMM Art Project’s goal is to protect the artists and their work and help them be recognized within and beyond the art world. PMM Art Projects has presented acclaimed exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York and London, and works with a number of internationally known artists including Logan Hicks, Charming Baker, Dan Baldwin, D*Face, Miss Bugs and Brett Amory.

Their next project is a a special pop-up exhibition of New York-based artist, Logan Hicks, featuring nautical-based stencil paintings as well as photographs from his infamous urban explorations. Hicks is well known for his work as a street artist and urban explorer. After living near the sea all his life, maritime themes are his biggest influence. Underwater photographs are a source of inspiration for his paintings and it is even more explicit in his next body of work. A series of new photographs will be showcased depicting forbidden areas of the urban environment and unique vantage points.

The exhibition will be on view from March 7 through 19 at 154 Stanton Street.