Another Reason to Get Google-y Eyed at ACME Hotel Company

The future is really now. What started out as a tech rumor from the depths of Silicon Valley, ended up being a privilege for just a few. I’m talking about Google Glass, the glasses that act as a functional computer on your face. When they were first introduced as a real tangible thing, I wanted a pair so bad but learned that only 1500 people were able to experience the glasses, and unfortunately I was not one of them. But times have changed, now everyone reading this has a chance to experience Google Glass, look no further than ACME. ACME Hotel Company, a boutique lifestyle hotel in Chicago, is changing the game with its new complimentary amenity for hotel guests, Google Glass. The hotel, known for its eclectic design, big personality, approachable style and retro/rock n’ roll vibe, is encouraging guests to do their thing by taking the high-tech gadget for a spin around the city to explore their surroundings like never before.


The first hotel in the country to make the interactive glasses available for guests, ACME Hotel Company is proving that the head-mounted display is on its way to becoming the next big thing in travel. Visitors can use Glass to explore the city without lifting a finger, including touring neighborhoods with hands-free directions, looking up facts about famous landmarks, searching for the best nearby coffee shops, finding the closest bike share stop, snapping interesting photos, taking videos, answering hands-free calls, creating reminders on the go and much more.


Starting Monday, March 10 guests can reserve Glass at the hotel’s front desk for up to three hours* per day and experience the hottest tech device on the market before their family, friends and colleagues. But please, don’t act like a Glasshole. ACME Hotel Company asks all guests to abide by Google’s Glass guidelines of Do’s and Don’ts – not everyone has embraced the whole face computer idea just yet.

For more information on ACME Hotel Company’s Google Glass amenity for guests please call (312) 894-0800 or visit

*Glass must be reserved in advance and in times of high demand usage may be limited to one to two hours.