What’s On My Desk: Pinkberry’s David Beall

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When David Beall and his wife Lauren aren’t out hitting Miami’s swankiest parties or caring for their new little girl, Isabella, they are busy with their 10 Pinkberry locations (five each in each Miami and Atlanta.) The latest one opens today, February 7th in South Beach on Alton Road, perfect timing for National Frozen Yogurt Day.  David manages the empire from his Wynwood office where he photographed the (very healthy) items on his desk.

Pinkberry Hat – I own Pinkberry restaurants and I love the brand and the product.  The yogurt is so refreshing and I love the original tart flavor with all the fresh fruit toppings like the mango, pomegranate seeds, raspberries, and pineapple . It’s a great healthy treat.

Blackberry Farm Brochure – My mother, Kreis Beall, started Blackberry Farm and my brother operates it. Blackberry Farm is a Relais & Château property in the foothills of Tennessee.  Blackberry Farm is a food and wine destination nestled in the Smoky Mountains.  Our hotel has its own farm, cheese maker, jam lady, brewery, and butcher so it’s a real gastronomic destination. I love to go bike riding and hiking and then top it off with the fresh farm to table cuisine.

My Green Smoothie – I have this raw green smoothie every morning. It is full of vegetables, sprouts, super herbs, coconut water and meat, and fruits. I am into health and having a raw and vegan lifestyle. Having this smoothie or a cold pressed juice every morning makes for a great and productive day.

David Wolfe Website – I keep this tab open on my computer all the time because David wolfe is my health and nutrition mentor. I have read all his books as he is an expert on a healthy lifestyle.  I look to him for his expertise advise in super foods and buy our products from his website as he has the best food sourcing. His camu camu powder, goji berries, raw noni land honey and raw cocoa beans are some of my favorites.

Schizandraee Tee – This is a Chinese Herb that I take every day. It is special to me as it reminds me of the trip my wife, Lauren and I took for our baby moon to Asia last summer when she was pregnant with our daughter Isabella. We traveled all over China and Japan and even hiked Mt Fuji.  We learned about the tea plantations and the Chinese super herbs.