Spell What?! Fundraiser for Aspen Youth Center

Oliver Sharpe, the 2013 winner of Spell What?!
Oliver Sharpe, the 2013 winner of Spell What?!

Usually it’s the kids that are in the hot seat, but Aspen Youth Center’s annual benefit puts local celebrities in the spotlight for a spelling bee. Yep, adults will face each other this Thursday, Feb. 6 in a Hollywood gameshow-throwback event at the Hotel Jerome, and all proceeds benefit the nonprofit which provides youth services and after-school programs to the valley youth for free.

Oliver Sharpe, Lori Pevny, Adam Frisch, Kathy Klug, Matthew Hamilton and Robin Smith will compete against each other in a traditional spelling bee, along with twists like immunities, cheats and pass rounds thrown in so that it’s not necessarily the best speller–but the best strategist–who wins.

This is the third year AYC has hosted Spell What?! The benefit provides funding for the more than 1,000 kids reaches throughout the year.

Visit Aspen Youth Center for more information.