Haute Auto of the Week: 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S


Close your eyes and envision one of man’s most immaculate conceptions. It is not manufactured, but born with the soul and birthright of British kings. It is not bought or sold, it is inherited from a detailed lineage of resilient thoroughbreds. More importantly, your imaginative icon is emotionally articulated from the passion of English artisans destined for greatness. Now awaken from your visions and look upon another immaculate conception, better known as the new Bentley Continental GT V8 S.


The impeccable British coupe and convertible represent success, power and opulence for the carmaker from Crewe, England. Along with the addition of the 2015 Continental GT V8 S, Bentley guarantees its customer base a wide spectrum of individuality and personalization with bespoke V8 and W12 Grand Tourers. To play the part, we chose a translucent Monaco Yellow ($4,395 for the optional paint job) convertible, imbued with Beluga leather, piano black and carbon fiber surfaces, and matching yellow cross-stitching ($1,905), including the steering wheel and “Winged-B” Bentley headrest logo.

Our vehicle was also outfitted with the upgraded Seven Spoke, Black Limited Edition 21” Bentley rims ($4,390) and the $13,875 carbon ceramic brakes with red calipers which contributes to a position of ultimate performance for the GT V8 S. The morning was still quite chilly so we kept the black 7-bow and 3-layer cloth top up until the sun began to shine later in the day. Without doubt, the cabin was as quiet as the Coupe I would later drive. You can also rest assured that trunk room is not compromised by the fabric roof.

The joys of this all-wheel drive vehicle is its ability to transfer between the relaxed, touring mode or ultimate sports performance by way of adjustable height suspension and shock settings. In S-mode for example, the GT V8 S called upon its racing heritage to take on the winding mountain roads with aplomb. Power emanates from a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 521 horsepower.


Positioned behind the adjustable steering wheel, information readouts and luxury touches are omnipresent for the most enlightened and comfortable drive experience. The 8” touchscreen multimedia system is highly intuitive, 17 various hides are available for your taste, contrast stitching is present throughout and if you opt for the Mulliner Driving Specification as I did, Bentley enhances your immaculate conception with the greatness.
After dropping the top we took advantage of the neck warmer and wind deflector. This time I also engaged the seat’s spa feature, which gave me a soft massage. After lunch at Frank Sinatra’s former home, we swapped with a Monaco Yellow Coupe. We were still in heaven, and when the speed adjusted, automatic rear spoiler elevated we knew that the GT V8 S would plant us Deep In A Dream like Sinatra.