The World’s Most Expensive Tailgate Party at The Chatwal

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If washing down your caviar nachos with some of the world’s most expensive scotch sounds like the way you want to route for your favorite football team, get over to The Chatwal, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Since the Superbowl is in the New York area this year, there will be an influx of superfans headed to our city, so why not offer them the best? The World’s Most Expensive Tailgate experience is offered when guests book the hotel’s Barrymore Four Bedroom Suite (4,500 square feet with Four King bedrooms) for Super Bowl weekend. The value on the experience? Try $3 million.

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Along with a weekend stay in the Barrymore Suite, the package will include everything from ‘junk food’ by celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian (caviar nachos, truffle pizza, Wagyu Pastrami Sandrwiches, Black Truffle and Foie Gras Pithivier, etc.) to $2,000 per bottle Artisanal beer (wrapped in a cashmere koozie).

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Guests will watch the game on a 55-inch PrestigeHD TV coated in 22K yellow gold from a NASA-developed recliner chair. They also can indulge in the world’s most expensive scotch, cigars and dessert. Included in this over-the-top offering are Swarovski Crystal football helmets representing the teams in this year’s game.

The only thing better than this? Placing a winning bet on the your favorite team.