Valentine’s with ARTĒ Madrid

Arte Madrid iLuxday


Erapturing gemstones set into delicately created and innovative pieces, ARTĒ Madrid presents a variety of special jewelry items for Valentine’s Day. These are in the form of jewels encrusted with golden pearls for women and for men, stylishly-themed cuff links laden with stones.image011


For women, the Echo rhodium-plated necklace is an exquisitely crafted piece laden with brilliant stones. Gift it with a special ring or a piece from the Graviata collection – a selection of pieces that transport the wear back to the twenties with items made with golden pearls surrounded by tiny white ARTĒ diamonds.

For the men, ARTĒ Madrid offers a variety of special cuff links available in a range of styles. These include the silver motor molding encrusted in ARTĒ diamonds as well as the horse galloping pair that contains 12 perfectly set white stones.

While these jewelry items are exquisitely stunning, what’s most important is that they are keepsake items recording the memory of a special day.

ARTĒ Madrid is located in Mirdiff City Center in Dubai. Tel: +971 42559339.