A Scientific Approach to Luxury Skincare with SkinShift

Antioxidants, collagen, sun-protection, anti-aging – the list goes on when it comes to your skincare and your beauty routine products. But what do you really need? And what makes your skin different than other people buying the same products?

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The truth is, it’s all in your DNA. So why not do a little research to find out exactly what your DNA is saying?

Dr. Ruthie Harper now taps into your actual DNA strands to see the way that your skin ages. A week before I met with Dr. Harper at Soho House in New York, I sent a swab with a swipe from inside my cheek to her lab. Within a week I had an easy to understand analysis of where my skin excels, and where I might need help from some specific products.

If you are someone who easily produces natural antioxidants (like I was) you can skip the row of antioxidant products and spend your money elsewhere. Perhaps you don’t produce enough collagen, and then collagen-enhancing products are the way to go. Dr. Harper has her own line of products as well, which include toners, cleansers, serums and moisturizers (my personal favorite is her Vitamin C Serum that reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen, brighten, and firms your skin.)There are also supplements like Glycation Defense and Inflammation Defense.

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Dr. Harper is currently running a special, and for $99 you can get your skin DNA read. If you’re serious about skincare, I highly recommend having this done. In the long run it will be an investment that will save you from spending too much on products that you may not need.

For more Information, Go to http://skinshift.com/