Saturday’s Young Arts Gala is SOLD OUT, but Get Your After Party Tickets Now!


I received a few text messages today, asking me “Erin, how can I get tickets to the Young Arts Gala on Saturday Night?” Truth be told: you cant. However, if you are in the mood for an incredible dance party that can best be described as a real dance party, but fancy: a mix of Naaem Khan and Oscar De La Renta with Young Arts students, where the energy is INSANE, you can indeed partake!

There are tickets still available for the after party, located at the new Young Arts campus (old Bacardi building!)

So, starting at 9 p.m. I suggest you throw on your sultry dress, high heels and head on over.

The very incredible host committee to this event includes: Ryan Anania, Bettina Anderson, Juliana Aragao, Crista Azqueta, Ruslanas Byckovas, Ariel Burman, Christopher DiSchino, Brian Ehrlich, Allegra Fanjul, Andres Fanjul, Aaron Glickman, Jacqueline Grieco, Topher Grubb, Jaya, Florencia Jimenez-Marcos, John Lin, Erin Newberg (yes, me), Marcella Novella, Hassan Pierre, Hiram Pierre, Lydia Pinnell, David Podein, Jake Roberts, Ethan Royal, Carolyn Travis and Maximillian Wiedermann.

Tickets are $125.00 on Gilt (click here to buy) and all proceeds go to the National Young Arts Foundation.