Monitor Your Sleep Patterns—And Even Stop Snoring—With This $8,000 Super Bed

From Jawbone to Nike Plus, there are plenty of fitness bands on the market that monitor sleep patterns, but a company called Sleep Number is taking it one step further. The brand recently unveiled the Sleep Number® x12 bed at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that not only tracks your sleep and sends it to your mobile phone or tablet for later review, but it can also help you stop snoring!

If an individual is woken up by their partner’s snoring, he or she can push a button (or use a voice command!) to adjust the bed slightly—about six degrees—which may temporarily relieve mild common snoring. Unlike handheld monitors, the “super bed” tracks the entire body’s movements and even works if two people are sleeping side by side. So even if one partner has a night filled with tossing and turning and the other sleeps soundly, it won’t interfere with the next day’s sleep results. The bed is also able to alter the firmness on just one side when it detects that a person is having trouble sleeping.

The high-tech bed, which retails for $8,000, will be available for purchase in February.