Jet-Lag Recovery Treatment at the Ritz Carlton DIFC Spa

Ritz Carlton DIFC Spa 2

After a Christmas holiday in New York with my family and a decadent all-night New Year’s celebration in Dubai, come the 2 January I was in need of revival. Even after years of going back-and-forth across the Atlantic, the jet-lag always gets me – especially when I come back east. The Ritz Carlton Spa in the Dubai International Financial Center has devised a new spa menu for the new year with a range of treatments specially suited to frequent travelers like me. I chose the Jet-Lag Recovery, an experience meant to re-time one’s body clock and quickly revive their senses so that they can once again power through daily life.

Ritz Carlton DIFC Spa

The spa at the Ritz Carlton DIFC features a sophisticated ambiance right in the heart of Dubai. My therapist took me down several corridors before I reached the changing room. On the way I was able to marvel at the contemporary décor influenced by French Art Deco. Colored with a subtle off-white and porcelain color palette, the venue gives off an elegant and comforting ambiance.

After being led to my treatment room, the therapist asked me which kind of Jet-Lag Recovery I wanted: Relax or Revive. The type of treatment was complemented by specific body products in order to enhance the effects. I struggled for a second with that one. Relax, as she explained, is best to do early evening so that one can go right to sleep afterwards and wake up in a revived state. Revive, on the other hand, was better for those who had just gotten off the plane and had a full day of meetings to attend to. While I hadn’t just gotten off the plane, I did have several meetings ahead of me and would rather try and stay awake until a decent hour in order to get back on the right time.

The treatment began with a dry body brush that enlivened the skin and removed dead skin cells. While it was not necessarily a soothing sentiment, the after effects revealed silky smooth skin. After the body brush, I was treated to an aromatherapy massage meant to help me re-energize and restore my body to the right time.

I came out of the treatment relaxed and re-balanced with the groggy feeling of the first few days of jet-lag completely gone.

A calming and revitalizing treatment, the Jet Lag Recovery is ideal for anyone, who like me, is constantly on a plane and finds themselves fighting to get back on track.

The Ritz Carlton DIFC is located in Downtown Dubai. Tel: +971 43722777.