Jay-Z and Beyonce Hit Miami Beach Karaoke Club with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

bey and jay
Beyonce in Miami Beach this week

Last night, in the early morning hours, Queen Bey and Jay-Z hit up a local karoke club called Sing Sing, located at 717 Washington Avenue. The club is a perfect spot for celebs and shy performers as it has 17 private rooms where small groups can sit on plush couches and belt out over 120,000 songs in only each others company. But they were not to worry as on the late Wednesday night only two of the rooms were occupied. The entourage didn’t make any over the top demands, except to cover the security camera in their booth, smartly judging a few too many people might want to be a fly on the wall in that room!

photo 1
The girls realize it’s Bey

But that didn’t keep Bey from getting caught on tape. At one point, when she heard a group of girls singing one of her songs, she and Kelly Rowland entered the girl’s private room and gave them the surprise of their lives dancing and singing with them incognito for a moment before the girls figured out who they were! Get your own entourage together and check out Sing Sing  for yourself.

Sing Sing