Haute Yacht of the Week: Jeff Koons’ GUILTY


It’s safe to say that the ocean has never seen anything like GUILTY. The yacht that artist Jeff Koons designed for Greek billionaire Dakis Joannou is just an extension of Joannou’s already impressive art collection.

The 114-foot vessel by Italian yacht builder Ivana Porfiri and the exterior is said to be a WWI-inspired camouflage pattern, but with colors yellow, purple, black, white and blue.
Thing the exterior is great? Check out the inside where you might as well be inside a private floating annex of the MoMA.

The main cabin encompasses the top deck has 180-degree views and the word “Feelings” hanging in neon lights above the bed. There are also four guest cabins with their own unique design and a large top deck for viewing the sea, and of course seeing those who can’t look away from this unique and grandiose ship.