Haute 100 Update Miami: Myles Chefetz Ready To Open Prime Fish

Chefetz with D. Wade

Prime Fish is ready to open at the end of the month at owner Myles Chefetz‘s original Nemo location. After the successes of Prime 112, Prime Italian, and Prime Hotel, we have little doubt that Prime Fish will also be a hit and ready to go head to head with Milos, the other haute fish spot south of Fifth near the area locals have dubbed “Prime Corner.”

Corporate Chef Michael Sabin and Director of Operations John Hart will be working on the restaurant that Chafetz has dubbed “a fish shack meets fine dining experience,” saying guests will “see fried clam strips on one table and Dover sole on the next.” There will be fresh fish offered in a variety of preparations. If it sounds like he’s trying to be all things fish to all people, he is. “I think there’s a strong demand for a concept like Prime Fish Miami Beach. It’s the way I eat, and I’m pleased to add this new component to the Prime dining experience, especially because it’s healthy.” Now finally, health-conscioius Miami Heat Players, weight-conscious celebs and reality stars can get their Prime on without adding to their assets.