Godfrey Hotel Chicago Asks Guests to “Name The Element”


Now this is truly something that’s going over my head, studying English and Economics in college has pretty much stunted any scientific knowledge I may have ever had. I’m only half joking, while I may not know much about periodic tables and such, this contest from The Godfrey Hotel sounds fun for anyone, you just have to be creative. This past year, scientists discovered a new element of the periodic table which is yet to have an official name.* The Godfrey Hotel Chicago (127 West Huron Street at La Salle), the new luxury hotel property opening in Chicago’s River North neighborhood in February 2014, celebrates this spirit of exploration with the “Name the Element” contest. From January 7 through January 21, future guests may enter the contest with their suggestion to name the new element on the hotel’s Facebook page.

The winner for the most creative element name will receive a discounted rate of $139 throughout all of 2014, one night complimentary stay and a $25 gift card to I|O Urban Roofscape. A second prize of a one night complimentary stay and a third prize of a $25 gift certificate to I|O Urban Roofscape will be given to additional winners.*

With the hotel’s tagline of “Discover Your Element,” The Godfrey Hotel Chicago utilizes the elements chart throughout the branding of the property to evoke the emotions and experiences in store for guests. Chicago Area General Manager George Jordan explains the reasoning behind the creation of the custom elements of The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.

“Every day, we spend our time in endless place and space designed for someone else. Whether it’s at work, the grocery store, or the doctor’s office, life requires us to live outside our place of comfort every day. While we take it all in stride, all of us seek out those rare spots where we feel entirely at ease. We’ve created a place that pays far more attention to comfort than convention and style over standards. The elements are those touch points that we hope will help craft a unique experience for every guest to feel this sense of place at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago,” Jordan says.

The hotel’s custom-designed, 42-element chart allows guests to define their experience by learning about hotel’s features, amenities, and more. For example, Io with the element number of 4 and the name of roofscape represents I|O Urban Roofscape, Chicago’s largest indoor/outdoor lounge perched on the hotel’s 4th floor while Sp 5 represents Spa●Boutique located on the 5th floor. From location information to anecdotes from Chicago’s storied history, guests can discover all the elements at the hotel’s interactive concierge board. The element branding is also represented in the directional signs, in-room informational collateral, and more.


*To participate in the social media contest, guests must “Like” The Godfrey Hotel Chicago’s Facebook page and submit their entry of a name for the new element from now until January 21, 2014. The winner will be chosen before the hotel opens in February and will receive a code to be used throughout the remainder of the year for the special rate.