Dubai Welcomes 2014 with Largest Ever Fireworks Display



This New Year’s, Dubai broke the Guinness World Record, for the ‘Largest Firework Display’ ever to be witnessed. The emirate’s expansive fireworks took over the whole of The Palm Jumeirah and the Islands of the World with a startling six-minute performance. The central nucleus of the show was between Atlantis on The Palm and Sofitel where over 400,000 firework canisters in 400 locations across 94 kilometers of the city’s seafront creating fantastic backdrop against some of Dubai’s most renowned landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, The Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands.



Dubai’s incredible New Year’s Eve fireworks display was seen at the Burj Khalifa with a special sequence of 10 different firework shows including one with the colors of the UAE National flag. In another display in tribute to the Burj Khalifa, fireworks transformed into the form of the Hymenocallis desert flower that inspired the design of the building.

These record-breaking fireworks have placed the international spotlight on Dubai, making it one of the world’s top must-see destinations for New Year’s.