Sofia Coppola Directs New Marc Jacobs Perfume Ad

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The highly anticipated new advertisement for Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume, which was directed by the extremely talented Sofia Coppola, was released this week. “Sofia has been a very dear friend of mine for many, many years. I love her as a person,” Jacobs told USA Today. “I love her vision and her voice.”

Jacobs even loves her enough to let her take complete control of the shoot—allegedly never setting foot on set! His trust was not unwarranted, for the brilliant director absolutely delivered.

“I loved doing the commercial for him because we have similar taste, and I think I know what he’d like,” revealed Coppola. “I especially wanted to a good job because it’s for my friend.”

The final product is a perfect fusion of Jacobs’ vision and Coppola’s style. A dainty young woman runs through a meadow reminiscent of fairytales, carrying daisies in her hand and then lying gracefully on the ground. Although similar to past Daisy advertisements, Coppola’s video short exudes effortless warmth thanks to the soft lighting and playful scene. It’s clear that Jacobs was right when he tweeted, “Best friends make magic together.”