Lenny Kravitz’ Cousin DJ Ruckus’ Talks about Haute Cities NY, LA and MIA

Takashi Murakami (2)Art Basel is officially over. Breathe. However, there is still endless talk about all of these incredible parties in Miami. All beyond VIP, of course! Behind every good party is great music, and this Basel there was one particular DJ who caused Ruckus’ in this city. He is not only the talk of the town, he is globally recognized.  With celebrity blood in his veins, you should also know that his cousin is Miami resident Lenny Kravitz. I suppose that never hurts.

Meet DJ Ruckus’ who just took over Miami for Basel at the W’s Aby Rosens famous celebrity filled annual dinner after party. He also performed at LIV, with Zoe Kravitz at the Dom Perignon Party and at the Shore Club. Ruckus’ also spins other Haute Cities including Los Angeles and New York. Hear what he has to say about music, women, style, society and get a glimpse into what he is wearing on his wrist.



What is your favorite part of deejaying in each of these locations?

NY: I love New York because you can find a very authentic version of whatever you are looking for musically.  You can go to a strictly Brazilian music party and in the same night go to a posh bottle service club filled with models and socialites, and then go to an underground dance music party.  New York is extremely diverse and sophisticated, so you find clientele that is serious about their music and their nightlife experience.  The crowds here really know their music, so when I deejay I can play really great music and know people will react well and appreciate it.  I love that about New York.


LA: Los Angeles is fun to deejay right now because the Bay Area hip-hop sound is amazing and is really embraced on the west coast.  Also, the club scene is very young and vibrant. The glitz and glam of LA is fun to deejay for if you can get into the hot spots.  LA’s social scene is the toughest code to crack of any of the places I’ve been. Once a part of it the possibilities are endless and the mix of music that is played from hip-hop to rock to 80’s disco, trap etc. is appreciated by all crowds. Even the die-hard hip-hop rooms like an electronic record here and there


MIA: Deejaying in Miami is unmatched because of the guaranteed party atmosphere and the beautiful people. Some of the best nightclubs in the country reside in Miami and if you can land those gigs, it’s an experience like none other. You won’t find many places in the world with the size of clubs and vibes that Miami can offer, along with an influx of celebrities and important people all over the world. Everyone appreciates Miami no matter where you are from. The warm weather and ocean do not hurt either.


Where must you stop every time you deejay there?

NYC: When I am in NYC I have a couple must stops for dining, shopping, entertainment and working out.  Ms. Lily’s Jamaican restaurant, Juice Press Juicery, Fatty Crab, Barney’s, Uniqlo, Soho House, the new UFC MMA Gym on Wall Street, Finale (to hang out and DJ) and Acme Lounge are always on my list.


LA: When in LA it of course starts with my home.  Some of my go-to’s are Sugarfish Sushi, Beachwood Canyon trail for a run or hike, shopping American Rags, and H. Lorenzo Men.  I’m often out at Supperclub and Lure Nightclubs, where I also deejay, and Spare Room Lounge and the Roosevelt Hotel.


MIA: In Miami Joe’s Stone Crab is a must.  I also love eating at Scarpetta.  My favorite stores are The Webster and Atrium.  When I’m in Miami I always make it to LIV, whether I’m deejaying there or just hanging out.  LIV is one of the best nightclubs in the world and one of my favorite places to deejay.  I hope everyone has the chance to experience a night there.  For a private upscale vibe I enjoy going to Casa Tua and Soho House.  I grew up in Miami so I always try and see friends and family while I’m in town too.  There’s always so much to do.


What is the crowd like in each location?

NYC: New York crowds are great.  They are real, they are opinionated and they are diverse.  Full of stylish and pretty people. New York is good for the suited guy out on the town for the weekend just as much as the model girl in the skull cap and Jordans – all in the same place.  I find that very cool about NYC.  NYC is also very quick to notice if the vibe isn’t right and is on to the next place because there are so many!


LA: The LA crowd is filled with young rich kids that rage harder than I have seen anywhere else.  LA also seems to have a strong community where everyone knows everyone and new people are spotted quickly.  People are also usually pretty relaxed, because dress codes are not enforced heavily in LA and people realize that a sweatshirt from Givenchy or Chrome Hearts is way cooler than having people running around in blazers and slick bottom shoes. It’s been my favorite place to live so far.


MIA: Miami crowds are amazing.  It’s very interesting due to the mix of foreigners and locals. Miami is not known for its fashion style, but the bright colors and super tight dresses and things of that nature really fit there because of the colorful vibe, warm weather, and art deco style.  And we all remember the Miami Vice collar-popped all white swag.  Despite the dress, people know how to party in Miami.  You get everything from Saudi oligarchs to hot Latin, Russian, swimwear models.  You get ball players and athletes and then just a lot of wealthy people.  So much affluence and so much sexiness and movement all in one place, it’s pretty amazing. It’s also where I grew up so I am a bit biased.


When you have a day off in each of these locations how do you spend it?


NYC: A day off in New York is usually seeing an art gallery and trying new restaurants.  I will, on a day off in New York, go out to a club or speak easy spot because there are just so many hot girls in NYC, haha, good authentic music, and great local DJ’s at almost every place. Plus you never know whom you will run into and strike up a good business conversation with. I’ll rarely hang in my apartment in NYC because there is just too much energy going on in the streets.


LA: A day off in LA consists of friends at my house cooking, making music and watching recorded “Homeland,” “Breaking Bad,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Boardwalk Empire.” Maybe an outing to nearby speak easy or a house party. I usually skip the clubs on the nights off unless there is a great DJ playing or a friend’s birthday.


MIA: A day off in Miami is all day at the beach behind Soho House or on 3rd St. with the real deal Miami surfer kids and party promoters all posted up.  There a couple of drinks… glass of rose or a beer, some old friends and some body surfing.  That’s a perfect Miami day.  Then dinner somewhere great at the end of the night or I also may sneak downtown to Fight Club to put in a couple rounds of boxing or Muay Thai.  Workouts set me at ease, especially when I can concentrate on that and nothing else.


Who are your favorite designers?

My favorite designers are Lanvin, Maison Margiella, Tom Ford … the usual suspects. I like clean lines, great colors and comfort.  Balenciaga shoes and sneakers and again, Lanvin, are just immaculate.


How would you describe your style?

I’m a dress-up to dress down kind of guy. I like a Givenchy shirt and Chuck Taylors or a Tom Ford suit jacket with a long Alexander Wang t-shirt with holes in it. You could call me funky fresh, haha.


What kind of headphones do you use?

I use Beats by Dre Audio everything at the moment. They sound the best and seem to be the most durable, two qualities which are very important to me as a DJ.  I use ACS hearing protection while deejaying too.


I know you have traveled all over the world to DJ, where is your favorite place to travel?

My favorite place to travel is to the South of Italy, the Amalfi Coast, etc. I really enjoy it there. My second favorite would be the Bahamas because I just love the clear water and warm weather. For a true vacation you can’t beat it…


Is there one place you would like to visit that you haven’t yet?

Hmmm, there isn’t one place, there are several… Maldives, Mauritius… and Greece all together.  I also love Turkey, Tel Aviv, Bora Bora. I have been to so many places, but there are always more. We were blessed with this beautiful earth to live on and senses to experience it with, so I feel it is my job to do so.  If nothing else, exploring is my favorite thing to do.


What watch must you have right now?

The Hublot watch I received for my birthday this year from my cousin Lenny Kravitz. It is my favorite right now.  I would love to get my hands on the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Rose Gold watch too.