Iconic Eyewear Designers Christian Roth and Eric Domege Host a Soiree for Formento+Formento

On Friday evening, the unpretentious yet interesting place to be was on the Venetian Islands, at the home of CFDA award winners Christian Roth and Eric Domege. The occasion was in celebration of Formento+Formento, the incredibly interesting duo who just launched their book ‘Circumstance’ at Art Miami in collaboration with New York City’s Vallarino Fine Arts. Formento+Formento (Richelle and BJ) are a married couple whom shoot everything together. Christian Roth tells me “People assume it’s always one person. They work in tandem; Richelle is the eye, and BJ is the pigment. They do photos of women all over America and make them look like models.”

The evening, a cocktail and conversation based soiree was superb. With a water front view of Downtown Miami, each guest held importance (in some major capacity). The global crowd included the ex-boyfriend of Salvador Dali, artist Christopher Makos with his partner Paul Solberg (now known as the Hilton Brothers), Jerome Neutres, who overseas France’s museums, Robert Stein a New York gallerist, publicist Seema Mehta, L’Officiel’s  Vanessa Bellugeon of the Jalou-Suesskind Publishing Family, Haitain Insurance Magnet Marissa Merove-Pierre with Didier Theard, Asher Edelman of Edelman Arts NYC, art collector’s Hal Phillips and Greg Kendall and Los Angeles Gallerists Julie and Bennett Roberts, of Roberts & Tilton. Other notables included George Krol, Christian Roth, Eric Domege, Peter Wise, Carsten Thamm-Walz, Dale Steiner Newberg,Tobias Fance, Douglas Gentil, Tony Drockton, Lauren Gnazzo, Fiona and Britt West, Edison Lozada, Christopher Edelman, Michelle Edelman, Nazy Nazhand and Robert Ziehm.

All Photos Courtesy of Patrick McMullan. www.PatrickMcMullan.com