Maltese Falcon Statue Sells for $4 Million at Auction in NYC

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In a classic movie memorabilia auction at Bonham’s Auction House last week, a falcon statue from the 1941 film “The Maltese Falcon” sold for $4,085,000. The lead cast statue is one of two made for the movie, but the only one recorded to have actually made it on screen. Weighing 45 pounds and standing 12 inches high, the movie prop has a menacing stare and powerful presence.

Humphrey Bogart starred as a handsome private eye in the dramatic mystery movie alongside Lee Patrick who played his secretary and allegedly dropped the statue during filming. As a result, the signature prop has a bent right tail feather, all but adding to its character.

The statue has the Warner Bros. logo on the bottom and an inventory number. The unidentified previous owner kept the statue at the Warner Bros. museum and also loaned it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The new owner of the coveted movie prop phoned in the winning bid and although it is uncertain where the statue will live, it’s evident the model bird holds a strong place in movie history.